wedding-candlesThere are a lot of couples that are constantly looking for different, unique ways to express their beliefs and tastes, especially when it comes to their wedding. There are a number of ways that you can add a twist with modern flair to your wedding while still keeping up with class and integrity.

1. For any couple that would like to have an officiant present at their ceremony, but are not used to having a religious figure around, you can ask a family member or friend. All they have to do is register online, pay a fee and then they will be able to oversee your vows and get the two of you married at your ceremony. Just be sure to choose someone who you feel comfortable with who also feels good about talking in public.

2. You can also mix things up when it comes to maintaining a traditional wedding party, simply by mixing up the gender roles in terms of titles. You can always have a man of honor, a flower boy, a best woman, a groom’s woman or a bride’s man, as these should never have to be roles that cannot be interchangeable. The bride and groom are able to choose all of their favorite attire for their wedding party and they will have the festivities leading up to the big day. The couple will be surrounded with all of their family and closest friends regardless of who is playing what role during the wedding ceremony. There are plenty of ways that you can integrate your favorite people into your special day.

3. A good number of couples will benefit a great deal from having a wedding registry, as this is a nice way to furnish your home or apartment with all of the things that you need. Popular items to be added to a registry includes decor, bathroom accessories, kitchenware and more. However, there are some couples that are registering for a honeymoon, where guests can simply contribute the money that they would be spending on a gift and apply it to your honeymoon fund. There are even some people who are looking to have money applied to a favorite charity instead of a traditional gift.

4. When you have a case where family dynamics are not quite cut and dry, you can think about who may be giving the bride away. There are some brides that may not have a close relationship with their father, while other brides were actually raised by another figure in their lives. Then, you have some brides that may not want to be given away at all. It is your choice as the bride and anything that you are looking to do will be acceptable. Your wedding is your special day, so ask a grandfather, special relative, the father of the groom or even a close friend to walk you down the aisle. There are even some brides that are excited to have their son do the honors, so the possibilities are endless.