tall-wedding-cakeIt goes without saying that wedding cakes are really taking on a life of their own with all of the different designs and trends that are happening today. Any wedding cake that is covered in rich butter cream, rolled in fondant, decorated with beautiful details and even white or dark chocolate can make for a lovely canvas to wow your guests. The cake at a wedding is not only a major focus, but other celebration cakes can be featured as well for a number of special occasions, including engagement parties and anniversaries.

A wedding cake is specially made to take on high amounts of traffic from wedding guests and they must be set on a table or stand that is going to be firm and unyielding in nature. The cake itself is just as much a traditional piece of the wedding puzzle as you would find a best man working on his funny speech or a bride running a bit late to the ceremony. These cakes are not only used to feed the guests, but they are also used as a lovely decorative piece of the wedding backdrop itself. Cakes can be garnished with fruit, nuts, fudge, flowers and spice. Most times, you will find cakes pricing in at about $3 to $5 each slice, all depending on just how elaborate the ingredients and decorations are.

The flavor of your wedding cake and the filling are aspects that can be customized to your liking, with most cakes today being even more elaborate than they ever have been in the past. The goal is to make sure that your cake is going to be just as delicious as it is beautiful so that all of your guests will be talking about how magnificent that it was for many years to come. With the diverse amount of shapes, fillings, embellishments, designs and sizes, you really have the ability to put together a masterpiece that will be a stunning aspect of your special day.

Today, many wedding cakes are made with unique fillings and flavors, including different variations on a chocolate wedding cake. The chocolate wedding cake is something that has been able to gain major acceptance over the past decade or so, with choices including truffles, white chocolate, cupcakes with chocolate pieces and even chocolate fountains that cascade over or around the cake or different tiers of cakes.

When it is time to put together the food and wedding cake for your celebration, all you have to do is work with a professional cake baker and decorator that will be able to give you exactly what you are looking for to wow all of your guests.